AndraStent Aortic

The AndraStent Aortic is an Cobalt Chromium Bare Stent for the treatment of Coarctation. Available diameter from 10mm up to 32mm and with an maximum lenght of 57mm. Available in two different models XL and XXL.



The new AndraBalloon represents the new generation of non-compliant PTA-Catheters optimized for dilation of large volume vessel and especially usefull as a delivery system for intervention with AndraStent... additional information



The AndraValvulotome allows the exact cut of the venous valves, indicated for in-situ and ex-situ valvolutomie... additional information



The AndraSnare is a flexible snare for the interventional retrieval of foreign bodies from vessels. The AndraSnare comprises a flexible nitinol wire with a special gold-plated atraumatic 3D snare loop... additional information


Loopmaster - Sochman Snare

The LoopMaster Sochman Snare has been specially developed for removing foreign bodies from vessels that do not have "open catching end"... additional information